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Are you a contractor in need of the finest building materials? Are you a homeowner without the resources and expertise to remodel a room in your home? Imagine That Design Center has the answer! Our home remodeling experts have experience with all types of customers to help them design rooms or structures and then acquire premium materials. Here’s how it works:

Design Consultation
Give us the details of what you want to accomplish and what your budget is. We’ll take notes during the initial consultation.

Information Gathering
We’ll scour the market for the most reliable brands and highest quality materials that fit within your budget. Contractors – just let us know how the appropriate quantities for your upcoming project(s).

Material Facilitation
After approving it with you and receiving payment, we’ll organize the materials to be delivered to or warehouse or facilitate pickup directly from the vendor for you.


At Imagine That Design Center, we treat our clients with honesty and respect – we never overcharge! If you’ve chosen unique products that need to be sent from outside the area, those vendors may charge extra for freight costs. In these cases, the materials will cost more. But remember, we don’t stock any materials ourselves; we order materials for your unique projects. That way, you receive the most fitting products for your needs and budget instead of having to choose from a set list.

As one of the finest designers in Clear Lake, TX; League City, TX; and beyond, we offer our services at low prices to ensure our customers access great designs. The following are our fees:

• Design for Kitchens or Bathrooms: $80 per hour
• Design for Multiple Spaces: $100 per hour

After we’ve found the best materials for your project, fees will be calculated and the materials will be ordered once payment has been made. Get started today by calling us to schedule a design consultation! 


"Thanks again for everything you did to make my new master bath retreat a reality!
Colors coordination and selection are not natural for me, but with your help, my colors are both soothing and relaxing.
My new bathroom is everything I wanted it to be. 
Thanks for bringing the design all together for my contractor, CAG Construction. Your help in selecting the right tile, edges, quartz cabinet tops, paint colors and fixtures was invaluable!"

- Brenda Sellers

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